National Parts Depot - Entries from May 2013

The Book’s Cover

Thursday, May 30. 2013

Although the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” has plenty of examples to support it, there are also times when your initial impression is spot on. So the question of the hour is: What does your car say about you?

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The Shopping List

Wednesday, May 22. 2013
With the recent $590 million Powerball jackpot that made waves across the nation as the largest lottery payout in history, millions of people had visions of what they could change or fix in their lives with that amount of money. Since I drive by a lottery billboard on my way home from work every day, I’ve been working on what I call “the shopping list” for what I’d get if a big enough jackpot was to come knocking at my door. But since the odds of 175 million to one didn’t favor me winning this time around, I am still making my daily drive to NPD. But that doesn’t mean my list is no longer needed, right?

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Coverage of the 2012 All-GM Oktoberfest show at Silver Springs!

Wednesday, May 15. 2013

Thanks to the hard work of Jeff Ford and the crew, we have video coverage of the 7th Annual All-GM Oktoberfest show at Silver Springs Theme Park, as well as the Friday cruise to Cedar Key from our NPD location in Ocala, Florida.

Click here ~~> All-GM Oktoberfest show 2012


Number Crunching, part 2

Wednesday, May 8. 2013

In part 1 on this topic, I discussed the crazy prices that some cars are
commanding at car auctions. Paying north of one million dollars for a car that
didn’t even pass the four thousand dollar mark back in 1970 seems crazy, but it
happened. And the “trickle-down effect” took hold on many private sellers, thinking
with the mindset that their clapped out shell was worth a chunk of change. The
average guy would nearly be forced into buying a project, if anything at all,
because of the cost of even a shell. So, I posed the question “Is there an
upside?” to the auction madness?

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Number Crunching, part 1

Thursday, May 2. 2013

Just like most things in life, having a little more than you currently have is never a bad desire. Having seconds on desert; some extra time on the weekend before the work week starts again; a little extra money to buy something. The last one always seems to come into play, and it’s been highlighted more in the last decade in the automotive market than ever before. 

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