The Playground for Adults: The SEMA Show - National Parts Depot

The Playground for Adults: The SEMA Show

This is a show that is well known within the automotive world. On Tuesday November 5th, the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show kicks off in Las Vegas. That’s right; almost a full week with......

....lots of new car stuff in Vegas! Should I even continue on? I think so, because this year National Parts Depot has a hand in two project cars that will be unveiled at the SEMA show.

The first one is from The Muscle Car Place podcast network lead man Robert Kibbe, who decided the 1964 Chevelle that was purchased new by his mother needed some work. After nearly 2-1/2 years of cutting out the old, welding in the new, and upgrading hundreds of parts to replace nearly 50-year-old originals, Kibbe’s Pro Touring-themed work is just about ready! The rendering got our attention; did the build follow suit? You can check out details of the build by clicking here, and listen to what Kibbe does every week with various guests on his selection of shows by clicking here.

The second one celebrates a silver anniversary for one of the biggest Mustang magazines in the industry, and aims to put a Fox-body Mustang into show-stopping territory. Sounds like a tall task! With Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords technical editor Marc Christ at the helm, a laundry list of cool parts and people have come together to make a 1988 Mustang dubbed Project Hypersilver a reality. The build up of this car has been heavily documented in 6 articles thus far, and you can get up to speed by clicking the following links: (Click here for Part One; Click here for Part Two; Click here for Part Three; Click here for Part Four; Click here for Part Five; Click here for Part Six). Will these machines survive the time crunch the has sidelined many SEMA builds from making the show floor? We’ll have the final word straight from Vegas next week!

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