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50 Years of Mustang

Image courtesy of Ford Motor Company

December 5th 2013 marks the official introduction of the 2015 Ford Mustang to the world. And when Ford says the world, they mean it....

The iconic pony car was to be unveiled on four continents and got a prime time audience on ABC’s Good Morning America. After 50 years of design, the Mustang takes a bold step away from the retro styling in the chassis named S550, in what many are saying looks to make the Mustang a viable worldwide pony car. As happened several times in the past, there will be some that love a fresh face, and some that wonder why mess with the success of the current model.  But despite the new Mustang sporting a more modern look, there are cues to the past.

Image courtesy of NMRA

The roofline brings back more of a “fastback feel.”

Image courtesy of Ford Motor Company

The interior boasts some of the classic 1967 model’s coolness with a “double hump” dash, chrome and aluminum trim, and those big dual round pods for the instrumentation.

And of course, what would a Mustang be without a V8? The Coyote 5.0 V8 brings a reported 420 ponies to the party, but the EcoBoost twin-turbo 4 cylinder option brings back questions of “are we seeing the possible rebirth of the SVO nameplate?” The 4 banger is rumored to pack 305 horsepower, and based on the success of the EcoBoost design in Ford’s pick-up line, it’ll be interesting to see how many check the 4 cylinder option box. This steed will be available globally, getting a right hand drive conversion for Australia and England. It will also include IRS, a first for the Mustang since the 2003-04 Cobra models. How will it fair against those that have argued that “past designs are better?” We will have to wait and see. The good news is the Mustang continues with a rear-wheel drive platform, taking aim to surpass the 10 million produced mark.

In Mustang news a little closer to National Parts Depot, we took Ford's cue to get a jump on next year. New 2014 edition catalogs for 1965-73 classic Mustangs as well as the popular 1979-93 Fox Mustangs are now available. We packed in hundreds of new products, so whether you’re looking to get your Mustang back into shape or just need a few things to perk it up, NPD has over 100,000 parts in stock and ready to ship to your door or pick-up at our sales counters 7 days a week! Click here to receive a free print copy of the catalog in your mailbox, or click here to check out our classic Mustang parts online and click here to check out the Fox Mustang arsenal of products.

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