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New Projects

Thursday, August 1. 2013

We never sleep at National Parts Depot. Well, we’re excited about all the new things that are “in the works” every month, so maybe the lack the sleep is self-inflicted! No matter how you slice it, there’s always something going on, and we have lots of ways to tell you all about it…

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Nothing Like The Real Thing?

Thursday, June 20. 2013

-Base model, Rally Sport or Super Sport? We know what car shows typically produce...

The subject of clones, replicas and tributes can be a touchy one to broach, but in my opinion the classic car scene today almost requires addressing it. Since opinions are widely varied on the subject, allow me to start with some facts....

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The art of cruising

Friday, June 14. 2013

Have newer cars spoiled us with their modern conveniences? Are owners afraid of what the rigors of daily use will do to their classics? What about the risk of a crash (considering the smart phone, multi-purpose screens and other gadgets in newer cars, distraction is a big factor). And of course, the price of gas doesn’t encourage one to take something out that gets less than half of most new cars pull for gas mileage. So is the idea of cruising your ride one that is slowly slipping away? 

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They’re only original once…

Friday, June 7. 2013

The hype in the classic car and muscle car world tends to focus on the rare, the low number and of course the high horsepower cars of the day. One look at most magazines, auctions and sale papers confirms that if you own a desirable ride like a BOSS 429 Mustang, a ’70 Chevelle Super Sport with a 454 LS6 450 horsepower engine, or almost anything that left the assembly line with a HEMI, you’ll get attention. But there is a growing movement, and it revolves around cars that are still sporting their as-delivered vibe....

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The Book’s Cover

Thursday, May 30. 2013

Although the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” has plenty of examples to support it, there are also times when your initial impression is spot on. So the question of the hour is: What does your car say about you?

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